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Just got my report: Ok…I’m really impressed – everything as promised. Great price, great service. Very well written press release as well. Thanks!


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We are a reputed PR firm with extensive knowledge in Press Release writing and distribution. We have helped more than 400 clients launch their press release campaign in the last 2 years which resulted them in huge media exposure and brand awareness. We now offer our new Premium press release service at wholesale rates.

Content syndication on world’s top sites like Fox, Digital Journal etc is no doubt one of the most successful way to promote & grow your business. Imagine getting a reference of your site from Ibtimes, NBC, CBS etc can not only result in Huge exposure but also creates high authority. Not to mention that the backlinks from these sites will push your site to top in all search engines. You can proudly say that “you have been mentioned in xyz” etc. Each of these publications get Millions of visitors and have large readership. Many of our clients have received good traffic, leads and new business from just 1 press release on these sites.

Each of these was selling for thousands of dollars until now you have the opportunity to buy them at our low rate. You can buy for yourself or can resell to your client and can keep huge margins.

Now Your Dream to get Yourself Featured on Top News Sites without Spending a Fortune comes True

1.We will write a 400+ words powerful press release about your product service etc. It will be written by a US based writer with Journalistic background or Experience with PR firms

2. We will send the Press Release to you for approval before publishing.

3. After Approval, we will Publish the Press Release to 300+  media sites which includes Digital Journal, Ibtimes, WND, AZCentral as well as Local channels of Fox, abc, NBC, CBS (For eg:, We will also submit to TV, Radio, NewsPapers, Local Media, Social Media sites etc. This will give you the legal right to use the citation, “As Seen/Featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX“.

4. We will also send financial feeds of your PR which appear in tickers, sidebars, news feeds etc on many site like The Telegraph, Telegram, The Sun etc. Please note that Financial Feeds doesn’t appear directly on sites. They appear on ticker, sidebar etc for some time only.

5. We will also then send the pr to various Indian news,meda, newspapers sites

6. We will send you complete report with all the 300+ links where your PR is published.

Your Press release will be syndicated in thousands of sites in short time which will results in huge exposure, awareness and increased traffic. You will get hundreds of backlinks and instant boost in seo.


We also Guarantee Google News Inclusion


If you are still unsure of our service, Let me show you the Power of our Premium Press Release.

Huge Distribution

1) Huge Reach

The below snapshot shows the performance of one of our recent campaign. As you can you see, within just few days, the press release appeared on more than 1800,000 sites. This is insane. No other service has the ability to provide such a massive exposure in just few days.

press release sample

2) Traffic

Our Press release not only creates huge exposure, brand awareness, increased backlinks and media coverage but also results into real traffic to your site. You may receive high quality visitors from these authority news sites. The below snapshot shows one of our recent campaign which got more than 1000 visitors in 15 days.

press release traffic

3) Rank Increase

As a result of our premium press release, the campaign got instant push in google rankings.

rank increase

PLEASE NOTE: The stats shown above are real for some of our campaigns. However they are not guaranteed.

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Similar services on the web cost $150 to $250. However as we are seo wholeseller our prices are way cheaper than most pr services. Infact we are known to be the cheapest press release service and many pr sites resell our service only.

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White Label Reseller Option

If you are a seo company, marketing agency, internet marketer etc and buying this for your client. If you are a reseller of our service, then we can also provide a your own branding option.

Our Regular ($97) pack shows each PR as “Distributed by Economical Click” at the bottom of each page.
However you have the option to make this under your own brand such that it will appear as “Distributed by YOUR COMPANY” You can also make it unbranded if you don’t wish to include it.


1) You will have your own branding
2) Your clients will be impressed
3) Your company will also be mentioned on hundreds of top news sites.
4) You will also get backlinks to your own site.

Buy Whitelable Option for Only $125

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Q – What is Turn Around Time?
A – TAT is 2 weeks max and average reporting time is 10 days.

Q – What Niche’s are not allowed?
A – Adult, Betting/Gambling, Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites, ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks, affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, phone unlock, FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements like garcinia cambogia and forskolin), Website Links flagged as potential malware threats, Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings.

Q – Do you Guarantee Google News Inclusion
A – Yes we do. Your press release will appear in Google News.

Q – Do you provide report?
A – Our Work is Always Backed with a Verifiable Report. You will get a complete report to your email id after your campaign completion within 2 weeks of your order.

Q – What are the requirements?
A – We require the following: website, keywords, company name, contact person, company phone, company email (not free gmail etc), country based

Q – What if I need any assistance?
A – You can contact us at

Remember if at anytime you have questions feel free to contact us and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our sales people will never try to pressurize you or coax you into purchasing anything. The decision is completely up to you. All we want to do is to make you well informed about our products and services as we are sure when you learn all you can we will be your first stop when it comes time to order.

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